Edge at Union Station

8 Grafton Street, Worcester, MA

With a rich history that is accented in the historic preservation of this storied building, Edge at Union Station offers fully furnished luxury student apartments that combine the elegance of yesterday with the latest modern amenities.

Constructed in 1914 by Osgood Bradley Car Company, the oldest manufacturer of railway passenger cars in America, the building rises eight stories from a concrete foundation and was designed as a leading-edge, fire-proof brick structure with a distinctive shape.

Most striking is the decoration of its facade. The facade’s first story is granite blocks with shield, scroll, and flower designs. All of the windows on the façade have concrete sills, which are a visible element of its fire-proof design. The roof has castellations, which are battlements to give the appearance of a castle.

Project Details

  • # of 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom units
  • Concrete Floors
  • Exposed Brick Walls
  • Oversized Windows


  • Silver Hammer Award
  • Paul E. Tsongas Award, Preservation Massachusetts